Tips For Winter Bike Commuting

More and more people are commuting to work by bicycle. If you are one of these people or are considering this, you need to know what you should do during the winter months. Winter commuting by bike is very different to commuting in the summer and you need to take some steps to ensure your safety.

Winter cycling often means finding your bike covered in snow.
Cycling in winter means you might find your bike covered in snow. 

Cover Your Face

When commuting in the winter, you need to take the time to cover your face. Sunglasses or goggles are recommended because they will cover your eyes which can be hurt by the cold air as you cycle. The glasses or goggles will also ensure that your eyes do not tear up from the cold and make it harder for you to see while commuting.

You should also ensure that you have protective clothing around your neck and ears. These are areas of the body that can easily become cold while cycling and will impact your overall comfort. If you are uncomfortable while cycling, you will have a harder time convincing yourself to continue doing this.

Have The Right Tires

When it comes to winter tires, there is a bit of debate among the bicycle commuting community. There are some commuters who feel that studded winter tires are not worth the expense and that you can easily avoid slips without them. However, there are other people who agree that they are expensive, but that they are cheaper than a trip to the ER and worthwhile as a precaution.

If you live in an area that gets snow and other inclement winter weather, you should look at getting winter tires. These tires will grip the ground better and will prevent the wheels from slipping under you as you ride. If you have ice on your route to work, you need to get studded tires to ensure that you are safe as you cycle.

Master The Art Of Layers

Getting a big coat is not the best way to go when you are cycling to work. It is better to master the art of layering. If you are overdressed with a large coat, you are going to arrive at work sweaty and this is something that you will want to avoid.

As you commute, you will notice which parts of your body become cold faster. These are the areas that you have to pay attention to when you layer. If you find that your torso becomes very cold, you should look at a body warmer. However, you should always be slightly cold when you start your commute because you are going to heat up as you go.

Choose The Right Route

The route that you use during the summer months might not be the best one in the winter. If you are only starting your work commute by bicycle, you should consider that the route you drive will not always be the one you cycle. When you take cycle paths and trails through residential areas, you are going to reduce the stress of your commute. The hustle and bustle of main roads can be daunting when you are cycling in winter conditions.

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