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Bike Repair and Service

Bike Repair and Service Larry's bike repair skills are second to none. Larry offers a fulls service bike repair shop for all your bike repair needs. Larry also does regular bike service to keep your bike in top shape.

Parts & Accessories

Bike Parts and Accessories Is your bike in need of a new part? Whether you want to upgrade to the latest bike part or need to replace a part, we have all the bike parts you need. We also stock many bike accessories.

New & Used Bikes

New and Used Bikes Are you in the market for a new or used road bike or tri bike. Bad Boyz Bike shop stocks many bikes by many mnaufacturers. We are close to both Vancouver and Portland so stop by and see our bikes today.

Sun Childrens Bikes - Vancouver, WA

Sun bikes does one thing, and one thing only - Bikes. It's all about the bikes with Sun Bikes. Sun focusing on making the best bikes for the money - and by the time a Sun Bike rolls onto the showroom for - you can bet that it is.

Flower Power

This girl oriented, step over frame design with heavy duty training wheels is the perfect bike for a first bike. It is available in 2 sizes, 16" or 20". The 16" design has a rear coaster break and is perefect for first time riders. The 20" frame adds a rear hand brake so that more advanced riders can continue honing their riding skills.


This frame is perfect for boys and girls alike. It is also available in the 16" and 20" sizes. The 20" comes with a rear brake in addition to the coaster brake.