Bike Services

Bike Repair and Service

Bike Repair and Service Larry's bike repair skills are second to none. Larry offers a fulls service bike repair shop for all your bike repair needs. Larry also does regular bike service to keep your bike in top shape.

Parts & Accessories

Bike Parts and Accessories Is your bike in need of a new part? Whether you want to upgrade to the latest bike part or need to replace a part, we have all the bike parts you need. We also stock many bike accessories.

Bike Parts & Accessories - Vancouver

Whether you are looking to replace a broken bike part, a worn out bike part, or just to upgrade a certain bike part, Larry at Bad Boyz Bike Shop can help you out. Larry stocks a vast majority of the bike parts that are needed for everyday repairs, and if he does not have it in stock, he certainly can order it.

Bad Boyz Bike Shop is a small family owned bike shop that strives to be the one and only bike shop you need. Whethere you live in Vancouver, WA or across the bridge in Portland, OR - our bike shop has all the bike parts you could possibly need. Combined with the experience, you can rest assured that your new bike part will be installed properly and at a fair price.

Bike Accessories - Vancouver

Bad Boyz Bike Shop carries an assortement of bike accessories that will keep you riding in comfort. If you are looking for a new bike jersey, new bike shorts or any other bike accessory from water bottles to riding gloves, Bad Boyz has them, and at a great price. If something is not in stock, Larry can get it for you.

Call Bad Boyz Bike Shop today to see if we have the bike part or bike accessory you need.